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So Long, Spark Plugs: Low-Temp Plasma Ignition Might Be the Future

In News by Chad Esper

FRANK MARCUS – 5/19/2020 Cutting-edge tech aims to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. When you boil it down, improving average fuel economy is super simple: Burn less fuel in the cylinder when cruising. Toward that end, engine developers have toiled to make lean mixtures work since way before Chrysler’s Electronic Lean-Burn System of the mid-’70s. But getting such mixtures to …

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Plasma Ignition Making Progress – “Autoline Exclusives” Video Interview with TPS CEO Dan Singleton and host Sean McElroy

In News by tpsignition

We’ve been using spark plugs to ignite fuel inside of engines for over 100 years. Maybe it’s time to change that. Transient Plasma Systems (TPS) developed a system that uses fast pulses of plasma, an electrically charged gas, at a low temperature to ignite all sorts of fuels. The low temperature improves thermal efficiency and the whole process requires less …